What is Mo Cha?

Tea Drunk and Ooika have partnered up to bring this historic recreation of Mo Cha 末茶, back to life with a stone-milled version of Tea Drunk's Lu An Gua Pian. Mo Cha is the precursor to what we know today as Matcha in Japan. It was the first powdered tea made in China during the Song Dynasty and was brought to Japan by Monks. Since this time, Japan has grown the tradition into its own with Matcha.

What this Guided Tasting will get into:

  • The history of Mo Cha
  • How its Song Dynasty format compares to today
  • What is the relationship between Mo Cha and Matcha
  • How we can learn deeper about tea by consuming it in multiple forms
  • How to prepare Mo Cha

Learn with Two Experts

Shunan, the Founder of Tea Drunk, is one of the world's top tea educators on terroir-specific Chinese teas. Marc, the founder of Ooika, is a Matcha expert with deep knowledge of single-cultivar Japanese Matcha.

Stone-Milled In US

Marc and his company Ooika are one of the only Matcha companies who stone-mill their own Tencha here in the US. Ooika has stone-milled Tea Drunk's freshest 2022 Gua Pian green tea into a powdered form. 

Whisking Skills

Increase your whisking skills for both Mo Cha and Matcha with the brewing lessons in this course.

What You'll Need

In this course, you'll need tools for b both the Mo Cha and the loose leaf Gua Pian tea.

You can visit both Tea Drunk and Ooika's websites for traditional teaware, the class also goes over how to brew with everyday items.