What is Feng Huang Dan Cong (Pheonix Wu Long?)

Fruity, floral, tannic, and super aromatic, Feng Huang Dan Cong (also known as Phoenix Oolong Tea) has such pleasant and showy qualities unparalleled by any other kind of loose leaf tea. These qualities have led it to become one of the most popular Wu Longs (Oolong) on the market.

History of Ya Shi Xiang

Origin: Ping Keng Tou, Feng Xi, Feng Huang Shan (Phoenix Mountain), Chao Zhou, Guang Dong Province, China (~800-900m elevation)

Ya Shi Xiang means Duck shit. There are numerous stories of how the name came to be with the most known being a farmer in fear that somebody would steal his tea trees, decided to name his tea duck shit to make it less attractive. However, the locals just have a long tradition of giving teas foul names. There is another varietal named thieves shit. It is hard to tell if the tea made the name or the name made the tea. The local authority tried to change the name of the varietal to a more elegant one – Yin Hua Xiang, which means silver flower fragrance. However, duck shit is here to stay.

Sought-After Terroir

The village of Ping Keng Tou is one of the most sought-after terroirs in Feng Huang Shan for dan cong.

Tasting the 2021 Vintage

This vintage is intensely floral with velvety tannins and a long texturized finish.

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  Ya Shi Xiang, Ping Keng Tou, Spring 2021
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To get the most out of this session, we advise having a gong fu brewing set up ready to brew along with. A Gai WanFairness PitcherStrainer, and Three Sip Cup is recommended.

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