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What is Yellow Tea?

This small and rare tea category is very significant in traditional Chinese tea. Two to three yellow teas have frequently been listed on China’s Ten Famous Teas list, saying volumes about the appreciation of yellow tea among the most influential patrons.

Yellow teas are micro-fermented, where the semi-dry leaves are “yellowed” in a non-enzymatic browning. This allows the creation of a unique category of tea that is similar to green but usually rounder and smoother with deeper notes like grains and corn.

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About Our Huang Ya

Origin: Jin Ji Shan, Huo Shan, An Hui province, China (~700-800m elevation)

Huang Ya means yellow bud and refers to the yellow hue of fresh and finished tea leaves. Tea Drunk’s Huang Ya is “yellowed” 3 to 7 times for 96-200 hours. To finish fining, the tea is put on a bamboo tray and flash-roasted over charcoal for an hour. This is a unique and ancient technique of the region called Zhuang Huo.

Yellowing and Zhuang Huo

“Yellowing” is part of the fining process of Yellow Tea. It happens 3 to 7 times for a total of 96-200 hours. The tea is then put on a bamboo tray to be flashed roasted over charcoal for an hour to finish. This is a unique and ancient technique of the region called Zhuang Huo.

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Tasting The 2022 Vintage

Nutty and floral with hints of salty toasted grains, this vintage of straightforward micro-fermented yellow tea stimulates and satisfies with a solid texture and long finish.

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If you love this guided tasting, join us monthly with our Educational Tea Club! We deep dive into two teas a month over Zoom. You'll be able to participate live and ask question and taste the tea together with our community.

Example Curriculum

  Huo Shan Huang Ya, Early Spring 2022
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What You'll Need

To get the most out of this session, we advise having a green tea brewing set up ready to brew.

You can purchase teaware from Tea Drunk's collection here.

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