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What is Green Tea?

Green tea is the oldest form of tea as a standalone beverage. Its processing method, history, and culture are unparalleled by any other tea in Chinese history. From the Han Dynasty (202BC-220AC) to the abolition of pressed tribute teas by the Hong Wu Emperor (Zhu Yuan Zhang) in 1391, green tea was tea. Even after the emergence of five additional categories of tea, green tea remains the most studied and refined tea of China, offering us a glimpse of tea as an extravagant form of art since the Han Dynasty.

History of Long Jing

Origin: Shi Feng Shan, Xi Hu (West Lake), Zhe Jiang Province, China (~240m elevation)

Long Jing is named after the ancient Dragon well in the Xi Hu (West Lake) region of China and is often regarded as the King Tea of China. The true origin of Long Jing is Xi Hu (West Lake). Within Xi Hu, Shi Feng mountain is the highest-ranking terroir for Long Jing. As a historically famous tea, the terroir of Long Jing is strictly defined much like that of Champagne or other fine wines.

long Jing
From Heirloom Trees

The heirloom varietal is the most prestigious, as well as one of the rarest varietals of Longjing, with only around 100 acres of heirloom trees left in the Xi Hu area.

long Jing
Tasting the 2021 Vintage

We taste roasted sunflower seeds with a robust structure and long floral finish in this First Pluck 2021 vintage.

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If you love this guided tasting, join us monthly with our Educational Tea Club! We deep dive into two teas a month over Zoom. You'll be able to participate live and ask questions and taste the tea together with our community.

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  Xi Hu Long Jing, First Pluck 2021
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What You'll Need

To get the most out of this session, we advise having a gong fu brewing set up ready to brew along with. A Gai WanFairness PitcherStrainer, and Three Sip Cup is recommended.

You can purchase a full gong fu brewing kit here.

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