pu er shou cha

What Is Shou Pu?

Pu Er Shou Cha is a tea made by fermenting the already processed Sheng Pu by adding heat and moisture to facilitate “compost” of the leaves with beneficial microbes, making it a black tea. In addition to the promising digestive benefits, Shou Pu offers, this dark earthy tea also offers tea lovers a unique satisfaction with its ultra-deep and smooth profile.

History of Shou Pu

Origin: Ai Lao Shan, Yun Nan Province, China (~1000m elevation)

Shou Pu is a popular style of black tea from Yun Nan using Sheng Pu as its rough tea. Given the nature of its heavy processing, Shou Pu is usually a blend. Black teas are very dark and earthy with a full smooth body. Due to the large batch and rough processing method of black tea, many Shou Pus are harsh and funky. However, a well-made Shou Pu is the mellowest, easiest-to-drink tea. It is earthy but sweet without traces of astringency. Its thick body provides a certain kind of satisfaction.

shou pu
NOT Artificial Sheng Pu

A common misconception is that Shou Pu is an “artificially aged” Sheng Pu. This is not correct. Shou Pu is its own unique tea and the environment that makes Shou Pu is unlikely to naturally occur.

shou pu
Tasting the 2018 Vintage

This vintage tastes like sweet earth with a full, smooth body. Well-made Shou Pu becomes earthier, airier, and cleaner with age.

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  Pu Er Shou Cha, Ai Lao Shan, Spring 2018
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