Meet Adam Gericke

Adam hails from Los Angeles, California, dedicating his life to practicing and sharing yoga and meditation since 2013. He is the founder of Outside, In Events and has been leading retreats immersed in nature for over 6 years. Adam specializes in fusing traditional yoga techniques in a modern yoga practice with teachings that root back to India as passed down from his teachers at Yogamaya, New York.

What To Expect In This Session

In this session, Adam begins with a group meditation and then Shunan dives into how to use mindful practices to walk us through a meditative way to experience tea. We feel each moment, taste, and experience deeply and mindfully.

You can experience this session with any tea you have on hand. If you'd like to buy Tea Drunk's prized teas to go along with your practice, visit our website here.

Example Curriculum

  Tea and Meditation
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What You'll Need

To get the most out of this session, we recommend having a soft place to sit quietly, loose leaf tea, and a vessel to brew in.

You can purchase gong fu brewing vessels and teapots on our website here.