What is Pu Er (Sheng Cha)

Officially a green tea, Sheng Pu Er is made with a classic green tea method. But its destiny can’t be more different from a typical green tea with its aging potential.

Sheng Pu desirability is directly tied to the age of the tea trees and the location they come from. Highly sought-after Pu Er comes from 200-600 years old trees planted during Ming and Qing Dynasties, often referred to as da shu cha or gu shu cha. Like all top Chinese teas, the #1 factor to the teas’ value is tied to its terroir, and Pu Er Sheng Cha is named after its terroir as well. This is comparable to naming wine from Champagne, Champagne.

Learn more about Pu Er with our Tea Fundamentals.

About Single Trees

The Wu Liang Shan Single-Tree tea is made from the raw material of a single ancient, heirloom tree. The varietal is called Qun Ti Da Ye Zhong (Heirloom large leaf). The trees are 200-600 years old.

About Wu Liang Shan Sheng Pu

Wu Liang Shan translates to “limitless, endless mountain.” It is one of the two major mountains in the northern Yun Nan tea region, and the location of this Sheng Pu. The Wu Liang Shan region produces pleasant, easy-to-drink Sheng Pu.

The naming of Wu Liang Shan

Pu Er teas are named after the location where they are grown. Wu Liang Shan is the name of the mountain, as well as this tea.

Example Curriculum

  Comparable Tasting: Wu Liang Shan 2015 (Single Tree + Non)
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What You'll Need

To get the most out of this session, we advise having a gong fu brewing set up ready to brew along with.

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