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What Is White Tea?

White tea is defined by a unique processing technique that has only about 220 years of undisputed history. Traditionally, freshly picked leaves and buds are wilted under shade to lose moisture; then, they are exposed to the sun for fermentation and drying. The tea makers are mindful about adjusting the leaves to catch the sun at the right angle while allowing wind to blow under the leaves to cool them down. The loose-leaf teas are then finished by baking to dry with charcoal ash on bamboo trays, though if the sun is strong enough, the tea is dried by the sun. 

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About Our Wu Liang Shan Bai Cha

Origin: Wu Liang Shan, Yun Nan Province, China (~2050m elevation)

This is our farmer’s first year creating this tea, and we’re very impressed by it! They did this tea using the traditional Fu Ding technique, which is very rare for the region and led to a much cleaner and sophisticated profile. Making white tea is a lot like sailing; one has to work with the wind and the sun to ensure the fermentation of the leaves with these natural tools at a regulated rate.

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Ancient Trees

This tea is made by the same tea maker that makes our Wu Liang Shan Pu Er Sheng Cha. The same old tree (200-600 years old) material was used in both teas.

wu liang shan tea
Tasting the 2020 Vintage

It is refreshing and delicately grassy, with notes of chamomile and wildflowers. The tender texture reminds us of high-quality olive oil.

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  Wu Liang Shan Bai Cha, Spring 2020
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What You'll Need

To get the most out of this session, we advise having a gong fu brewing set up ready to brew along with. A Gai WanFairness PitcherStrainer, and Three Sip Cup is recommended.

You can purchase a full gong fu brewing kit here.

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