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What is Sheng Pu Er Tea?

Officially a green tea, Sheng Pu Er is made with a classic green tea method. But its destiny can’t be more different from a typical green tea with its aging potential.

Sheng Pu desirability is directly tied to the age of the tea trees and the location they come from. Highly sought after Pu Er come from trees 200-600 years old planted during Ming and Qing Dynasty, often referred to as da shu cha or gu shu cha. Like all top Chinese teas, the #1 factor to the teas’ value is tied to its terroir, and Pu Er Sheng Cha are named after its terroir as well. This is comparable to naming wine from Champagne, Champagne.

Learn more about Pu Er with our Tea Fundamentals.

History of You Le Long Pa

Origin: Long Pa village, You Le mountain, East of Lang Cang river, Xi Shuang Ban Na, Yun Nan province, China (~1500m elevation)

You Le is one of the famous old six ancient tea mountains east of Lang Can river. Our You Le is harvested from ancient tea trees 200-600 years old. Ancient tea trees are called Gu Shu / Lao Shu in Chinese.

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Top Micro-Terroir Material

The village owns two lots of tea – Le De and A Hei. A Hei is the name of the micro-terroir that yields a more tannic and robust Pu Er.  

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The 2016 A Hei Vintage

The 2016 is more tannic and robust than other vintages and has notes of dried fruits.

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  You Le Long Pa, A Hei, Spring 2016
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To get the most out of this session, we advise having a gong fu brewing set up ready to brew along with. A Gai Wan, Fairness Pitcher, Strainer, and Three Sip Cup is recommended.

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