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What is Yan Cha?

One of the three sub-categories of Wu Long (Oolong), Wu Yi Yan Cha, represents the pinnacle of Min Bei (northern Fujian) Wu Long. It's often referred to as "Cliff Tea." The leaves are heavily roasted to achieve a signature dark and bold aroma and taste. The mantra for Yan Cha is “rock bone and floral fragrance.” While all Wu Longs are floral, the "rock bone" of Yan Cha refers to a highly desired "molten stone" mouth feel.

One of the hottest teas in China right now, Yan Cha has one of the widest price swings and some of the wildest stories associated with tea.

Virtually Travel To Wu Yi Shan

This recorded conversation and lesson is a rare opportunity to hear directly from our heritage tea farmers. You will see their facilities and tea-making process step by step. At the time of this recording, the Zhang family is making tea in the middle of the night towards the end of the tea season. It's as close to visiting these farmers in person as we can get from across the world!

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Why Learn in Wu Yi Shan

Like all historically famous teas in China, the specifics of the locations are meticulously detailed and important to every aspect of the tea-making process. The word Zheng Yan, which translates to True Cliff, refers to the core part of the Wu Yi Shan. This is the most authentic location for Yan Cha and the location of our heritage farmers.

One of the most defining factors contributing to Yan Cha’s unique mouthfeel is the very rocky terrain, called Danxia Landform, where the teas are grown.

Meet Our Heritage Farm Partners

The Zhang family are some of the most respected tea farmers in all of China. Zhang Hui & Zhang Ying are the two sisters leading the family's fame in the tea industry. Their diligence, constant pursuit of quality, keen evaluation skills, and charismatic personalities have earned them great respect in the industry. This is notable and hard-earned in a rural area where families with only daughters are seen as hopeless for their future.

With this dedication, their family is now one of the top award-winning farms at tea competitions, including the most prestigious Dou Cha Sai. We’re extremely proud to work closely with them on some of the best Yan Cha wu longs on earth.

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